What is FASD?

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a diagnostic term for severe neurodevelopmental impairments (which may be seen as difficulties with physical activities, language, memory, learning and behaviour) that result from brain damage caused by alcohol exposure before birth

  • FASD occurs in all parts of society where alcohol is consumed

  • FASD is a social issue and not just a medical condition

  • FASD is often under-recognised

For more information about FASD, please visit FASD Hub Australia and NOFASD Australia

Why a FASD Registry?

While FASD is a significant public health concern, there is presently limited information about FASD in the Australian population

The FASD Australian Registry (FASDAR) aims to fill this gap by collecting national FASD data and monitor FASD trends and outcomes in the Australian population through maintenance of a central database

  • The FASDAR recruits children aged less than 15 years with a confirmed FASD diagnosis and their families

We invite families with children
living with FASD to join the FASDAR