We invite all Australian families with children under 15 years with a confirmed FASD diagnosis to join the FASDAR

  • By having a database of children with FASD, clinicians and researchers are better able to understand these conditions and how best to monitor and manage them

  • Recruitment into clinical trials and other research studies will become more easily accessible through the FASDAR, and having a FASD registry can increase our ability to attract more clinical trials to Australia

  • It will also enable provision of information to families regarding new services, peer support, effective treatments, and resources when these become available

As a parent or carer, you can enrol your child in the FASDAR by completing the online Consent Form.
Otherwise, you can contact us via the details on this page, these contact details are also provided on the Participant Information Sheet. When you provide consent to enrol your child in the FASDAR, we will contact your child’s health professional(s) to ask for their FASD-related health information for inclusion in the FASDAR.

Please see below for a list of documents relating to the FASDAR available for viewing and download:

If you have any questions or would like to register your interest in being involved, please contact us